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Contractors face unique and dangerous risks every day on the job. HIRSCHINGER INSURANCE offers many types of insurance to protect a variety of contracting risks, including general contractors, sub contractors, and specialty trades.


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Coverage Options

  • Business Owners and Package Policies
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Portfolio of Additional Insured Enhancements
  • Contractors' E & O
  • Property and Liability Enhancements
  • Property in the Course of Construction
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Acuity Understands Contractors

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Understands Contractors

Acuity would be proud to insure your contracting business. You can rest easy knowing that we work hard to understand your business and the unique challenges you face.

We have developed our expertise by insuring a wide variety of contractors for over 45 years; in fact, contractors are the single largest type of business we insure. In addition, we have appointed in-house staff who study issues affecting contractors and the industry.

Acuity follows through by providing special training to all of our underwriters, loss control representatives, and claims adjusters so they can give you the support you need and deserve.